"We want society to be a cushion where we can be calm, not a wall that hinders the process"

Disorder Wave, 01.12.2022

marca de ropa bilbao

Disorder Wave is a streetwear clothing brand that was born in Bilbao with the mission of contributing to the solution of the existing problems in society regarding MENTAL HEALTH.


Collaboration with the Psychology Without Borders Foundation

marca de ropa bilbao salud mental

Wearing a Disorder Wave garment is not going to be just for the sake of looking good in it, but it is going to be a very important act for the movement we are creating,



Our products are different

Faithful to the environment

All our products are accompanied by different certificates such as "GOTS " and " OCS ", which both ensure that the garments we offer have always been produced respecting the environment, in a sustainable manner.

Recycled materials

Our brand products include ' GRS ' certificate, which ensures the use of recycled materials in all our garments.

No harmful materials

With the "OEKO-TEX " certificate we assure the customer that their products are totally free of any material harmful to their health.

100% Vegan

Our garments have the " PETA " seal of approval; This means they contain 0% animal fibers and no animals have been harmed to produce them.

No to exploitation and abuse

Our supplier offers constant monitoring in all its production plants and a guide of conduct extracted from the eight fundamental conventions of the International Labor Organization (ILO), in addition to many other standards of conduct.




Once you receive your product, you can return it in the following cases, always within 48 hours (not counting if the product is damaged due to poor production or factory design). *Contact us at disorderwave@gmail.com for your return address*

1. You have not chosen the correct size

A size guide for our products is attached to the right of all items. Even so, if your product is not as you expected in terms of size, you can return it within 48 hours, being responsible for the corresponding shipping costs.

2. Defective product (from two weeks after receipt)

In the event that the product is damaged or defective, the following is requested before returning it:

- Photos of the complete article, emphasizing its defects.

*If you have any questions, write to us at disorderwave@gmail.com and we will respond to you in less than 24 hours.


*Shipping times are estimates and may differ depending on the number of orders. You will see final shipping costs and times in the checkout process.

1. Refund made by our carrier:

If the carrier fails to deliver the order to the address provided, the item(s) will be sent back to our warehouses. If our client does not come to pick up the order at the post office or at the branch of the corresponding carrier, the shipment will be fully returned.

To avoid this type of situation, we ask that before placing the order you check whether the address is correctly provided in the shipping information.

And if the carrier returns your shipment...

We will contact you to provide us with the location where you want to receive your returned item, taking charge of the new shipping costs that this generates.

2. Items lost during shipping:

Every order includes a tracking number. In case the shipment does not appear or takes longer than normal (keep in mind that due to traffic or various situations it may take 2-3 days) check the following:

- That your address is correct.

- Contact your local post office to see if you can possess or locate your order.

- If your address is correct and the post office does not have or locate your order, contact us through disorderwave@gmail.com within two weeks, we will cover the costs and shipping involved in sending your order back.

In the event that the tracking number indicates that the order has been delivered, we may offer you a new shipment of your order but we will not be responsible for its costs.


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Information that is collected

Our website may collect personal information such as: Name, contact information such as your email address and demographic information. Likewise, when necessary, specific information may be required to process an order or make a delivery or billing.

Use of collected information

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Disorder Wave is highly committed to fulfilling its commitment to keeping your information secure. We use the most advanced systems and constantly update them to ensure that there is no unauthorized access.


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– According to the technical specifications indicated for each product.
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– In specific use for the function with which it was designed from the factory.
– In electrical operating conditions in accordance with the indicated specifications and tolerances.


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