About us

Disorder Wave is a clothing brand that was born with the main and fundamental intention of eliminating the taboo that exists in today's society about mental disorders.

We are in favour of making people understand once and for all that these problems are becoming more and more abundant, and it is totally unfeasible that these types of cases continue to grow without society being prepared to receive them in a healthy and correct way.

With our brand we want to do our bit on this issue and we want to make this type of disorder more and more visible, in order to make it easier for all those people who suffer from it to be able to take what is happening to them with more peace of mind and more normality, in order to facilitate the resolution of their problem.

Wearing a garment of this brand will not only be for the sake of looking good with it, but it will be a very important act in everything that surrounds what we are talking about, as it will help mental disorders in two ways:

1. If the person who dresses them suffers from one or some of these disorders, with our garments they will be able to make everyone around them see it and thus demonstrate that they want to make it clear that it is OK to suffer from it and that the first step is for this to be normalised once and for all in order to make the path towards a solution easier.

2. In the event that the person wearing the dress does not suffer from any type of disorder, they will be demonstrating that they support this cause and that they will do everything possible to try to destroy this huge taboo that is preventing people who are suffering from it from moving forward normally.