Shipping & Returns


Once you have received your product, you may return it in the following cases, always within 48 hours (not counting that the product is damaged due to poor production or factory design). *Contact us at to find out your return address.

1. You have not chosen the correct size

A size guide for our products is attached to the right of each item. Even so, if your product is not as you expected in terms of size, you can return it within 48 hours, being responsible for the corresponding shipping costs.

2. Defective product (from two weeks after receipt)

In the event that the product is damaged or defective, the following is requested before returning it:

- Photos of the complete article, emphasizing its defects.

*If you have any questions please contact us at and we will respond within 24 hours.


* Shipping times are estimates and may differ depending on the number of orders. You will see the final shipping costs and times in the checkout process.

1. Refund by our carrier:

If the carrier fails to deliver the order to the address provided, the item(s) will be shipped back to our warehouse. If our customer does not come to pick up the order at the post office or at the branch of the corresponding carrier, the shipment will be fully returned.

To avoid this type of situation we ask that before placing the order, please check if the address is correctly provided in the shipping information.

And if the carrier returns your shipment...

We will contact you to provide us with the location where you want to receive your returned item, taking care of the new shipping costs that this generates.

2. Items lost during shipment:

Every order includes a tracking number. In case the shipment does not show up or takes longer than normal (please note that due to traffic or other situations it may take 2-3 days), please check the following:

- That your address is correct.

- Contact your local post office in case you can possess or locate your order.

- In case your address is correct and the post office does not possess or locate your order, contact us at within two weeks, we will cover the costs and shipping involved in sending your order back to you.

In the event that the tracking number indicates that the order has been delivered, we may offer you a new shipment of your order but we will not proceed to cover the costs.